Randy Lyons juggler

Have you already seen someone juggle balls, rings and clubs?  Yeah, me too.

Which is why those “props” are just the start for a Randini the Remarkable performance.  In my act, I use a wide variety of juggling equipment, including cigar boxes, Chinese yo-yo’s, flower sticks, spinning balls, contact “crystal” balls, spinning plates and more. 

(Hey, I don’t want to just show you something you’ve already seen!!)

In addition, I include stories and magic with my juggling to give the performance an extra dimension to the performance:  Juggling should be a lot more than simply throwing and catching stuff! 

And I promise to show you things you’ve never seen and tell you stories you will remember for a long time.

Below is a six-minute streaming video, including performance, practice sessions and my thoughts on juggling and performing. If you would like, you can call me at 610-436-5759 and I would be happy to send you a DVD of the video.


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