Fequently Asked Questions

What are the appropriate audience ages
for a dinosaur presentation?

I can adjust the presentation to suit any age group because I have so much support material for the program. I have given dino programs for classes of 2nd graders and dino programs for senior citizens at retirement facilities — and gotten rave reviews from both groups!

What kind of juggling programs are available?

There are three standard formats available — each of which can be adjusted to reflect the needs of your event:

Stage-type performances (although an actual stage is not necessary) are well suited for retirement facilities, school assemblies and other venues where the entire audience is focused on a single event and a single person. That would be me, in this case…

Walk-around performances are most effective at outdoor school events (such as Track and Field days), Community Day events, hospital benefit festivals, shopping-mall performances, softball/baseball opening-day celebrations, picnics, and similar occasions where the audience will be engaged in a variety of activities. My job at these functions is to find people who are between activities and present them with mini-shows and/or lessons. 

“Learn-to-Juggle” workshops take place at events similar to the walk-around activities mentioned above. But instead of traveling throughout the event location doing mini-shows, I set up a booth area with a number of easy-to-use juggling props and let interested parties come to me and get a lesson. Normally, I can handle 6 to 10 people in my area comfortably. Often, a participant may stop at my area for 10 minutes or so, then drift off to other activities for a while, then return for the next lesson.  This way, dozens or even hundreds of people take hands-on advantage of the booth area and the equipment. 

NOTE: occasionally, I’m asked to provide two or all three of these options at a single event. This is certainly not a problem!

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Are you available for juggling lessons?

Of course! But if you’re looking to learn to juggle without the expense of private lessons, there are two easy options:

First there are several local Adult Night Schools that offer “Learn to Juggle” courses at a reasonable price.  Personally, I’ve taught at the Chester County Night School for the last 8 years. 

Second, there is a just-for-fun juggling group in West Chester, PA, called the Turks Head Jugglers, in which I am an active participant.  We meet twice a week year ‘round.  There are no fees, and everyone is invited.  More information on the THJ is available at www.turksheadjugglers.com 

What’s your fee for either a dinosaur or juggling presentation?

This is difficult to answer because there are so many options for program duration, multiple programs on a single day, and the like.

I’d like to say, however, many of my customers have told me that my rates are perfectly competitive with other entertainment options.  Please call or write me and we can determine the right price for you. 

What kind of equipment and/or facilities
do you require for either type of program?

I will bring all the equipment I need to your facility:

  • For dinosaur programs, I bring a laptop computer, digital projector, projection screen, several boxes of actual dinosaur bones and other paraphernalia — depending on the presentation.
  • For juggling programs as well as dinosaur programs, I bring my own public address (PA) system with a wireless headset microphone, so that everyone in the audience can hear me clearly.

As far as facilities are concerned:

  • It’s helpful — but not necessary — to have good ceiling height for the juggling program. This allows me to perform some of my more spectacular tricks. (I have, however, performed in rooms where I could reach up and touch the ceiling!)
  • I will need a sturdy table or two for the dinosaur presentation — to support the laptop and projector and to display the dinosaur fossils. It is also helpful to have the presentation in a room where the lighting can be subdued or switched off completely for the slide portion of the program. I will also need an electrical outlet within 50 feet of the table.
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Do you juggle machetes or torches?

Yes I do — and I’m pretty good with both!  (Despite years of practice with these props, I still have all my fingers, toes, and hair…) 

However, very few customers actually want me to perform with these devices. Please let me know if you wish me to bring the machetes and/or torches, and I will be happy to do so.

(By the way, I do not juggle chain saws any more. They were expensive and the neighbors complained about the noise when I practiced…)

Is yours a “clean” act?

Absolutely and always. I consider risqué or “dirty” material to be an insult to the audience. 

Is there audience participation?

Certainly – but only if you want it.  (I enjoy getting audience members involved in the act, but I’ll check with you as to whether this is an appropriate option.)

In the dinosaur presentations, we usually wind up the program by gathering around a table — or sitting on the floor — and passing around actual pieces of dinosaur fossil bone. Audience members surprise themselves by how quickly they can distinguish between fossil bone and simple pieces of rock. And many of them get quite good at identifying which bones they are examining!

(NOTE: Sometimes the audience is simply too big to allow me to hand around dinosaur bone. Some schools have chosen to have multiple programs to cut down the audience size and allow the hands-on work.)

In juggling presentations, I often incorporate audience members in the magic portions of the act — and almost always include 3 or 4 people in a plate-spinning demonstration. 

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How far are you willing to travel?

I have presented programs as far east as the New Jersey shore, north into Connecticut, as far west as Harrisburg and as far south as Washington DC.  I’d be willing to travel farther – but no one has asked me to do so yet… 

Is talking about evolution ever a problem
with your dinosaur presentation?

It’s never been a problem. I normally mention evolution in passing during the presentation, and audience members occasionally bring up the subject themselves. But the subject is always handled carefully, with respect for other people’s beliefs. 

If I’m alerted ahead of time that there might be audience members who are sensitive on this subject, I can certainly adjust the program to stay clear of any potential distress or concern. 

How long is a juggling presentation?

How long do you want it to be? 

Typical stage-type shows last 30 to 60 minutes, but I’ve done 10-minute shows to allow scenery changes in a larger theatrical productions.  At the other extreme, I’ve done 6-hour walk-around programs at outdoor hospital benefit events. 

Can you come in costume?

I love to come in costume!! I can do Renaissance, clown, Hawaiian/Caribbean, Halloween frightening, “Gentleman Juggler,” or skateboard chic. If you need something else, just let me know!

For dinosaur presentations, I can come dressed in typical work clothes one would wear for a day in the Badlands. To complement the outfit, I can bring my backpack loaded with the tools and other equipment I would need for a day’s work in finding and extracting dinosaur fossils. 

How can I get more information?

My name, e-mail address and telephone number are listed at the bottom of this page. Visit the “Contact” page of this website for additional contact information. 

I also have a DVD available at no charge. This is a 6-minute presentation describing my Randini the Remarkable performance — including actual footage from several recent performances. 

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