Digging Dinosaurs” presents those aspects of dinosaur exploration and discovery that really interest people:

From my 10 years of field experience, I tell you how it actually feels:

  • to spend weeks in the blistering heat and dust of the Badlands.
  • to meet that rattlesnake or scorpion you really weren’t expecting.
  • to look for (and find!) exciting fossil remains of dinosaurs and other animals that are over 70 million years old.
  • to spend hours — or days — carefully extracting these bones from the surrounding rock and transporting them to the museum.
  • to spend days — or weeks — gently cleaning and preparing them for storage or display.

If time and numbers permit, I wind up the program by inviting audience members to handle real dinosaur fossils and discover how easy it is to tell the difference between bone and rocks. How do you know it’s really dinosaur bone? Find out for yourself!

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Dino Fun Facts
Were all dinosaurs large?

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Most of us find dinosaurs fascinating in large part because they were... well, large.

Bigger than a school bus. Heavier than a loaded tractor/trailer rig. And so forth.

But some were downright tiny in comparison. Compsognathus (a two-legged meat-eater), for example, was less than five feet long from nose to tail tip and probably weighed less than seven pounds.

Tiny, but important! It is generally believed that Compsognathus and its relatives hunted even smaller reptiles -- and mammals. So it may have been directly responsible for keeping the size of mammals limited to mouse-sized creatures (yes, we've found fossils of such animals from the Age of Dinosaurs) and kept them from adapting and growing into animals that could challenge dinosaurs for pre-eminence in the food chain.

So it was only after the dinosaurs died out that mammals had an opening in the world-wide ecology to become the widespread range of animals that we see around us today: from the tiniest bats to Blue Whales!

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