Comments from the Audience

To be a successful performer, you have to make the audience happy and the rest of the event a success for everyone. Here's how Randy's audiences rate his work:

"We are very pleased with the large and appreciative crowd you drew for us, making it a fun evening for everyone. Thank you so much for sharing your unique talent with us!"
Branch Manager, Main Line Bank

"Your presentation was "right on" for the age group - which was proven by comments and questions I received for several weeks afterwards. "
Children's Librarian

"The kids are still talking about you. Your slides are beautiful and your talk was inspirational. We really liked the "hands-on" session with actual dinosaur bone!"
Mother of 4 dino-crazy kids

"April was quiet on the ride home, but we found out how much she had absorbed when she told her cousin, Timmy, all about her 'adventure' as she called it. She soaked it up like a sponge. "
Doting Grandfather

"You are going to be a very hard act to follow!"
Program Coordinator Del Co Library


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